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  • Title: 竜馬におまかせ!
  • Title (romaji): Ryoma ni Omakase!
  • Also known as: Leave It to Ryoma!
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Jidaigeki
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Broadcast period: 1996-Apr-10 to 1996-Jun-26
  • Air time: Wednesday 22:00
  • Theme song: Friendship by H Jungle & T


At the end of Edo period, the famous samurai Ryoma Sakamoto is living at Chiba Dojo. So far, historically accurate, though this bizarre retelling of the story of Ryoma Departs soon takes a turn for the comedic. Deliberately played for laughs and cluttered with anachronisms such as headphones and televisions, it features samurai dueling not with swords but with Twister.


  • Hamada Masatoshi
  • Ito Shiro
  • Ogawa Tamaki
  • Sorimachi Takashi
  • Nishimura Masahiko
  • Bessho Tetsuya
  • Naitou Takashi
  • Kajiwara Zen
  • Kitahara Masaki
  • Aijima Kazuyuki
  • Toyota Maho
  • Kobayashi Takashi
  • Ogura Hisahiro
  • Ishimaru Kenjiro

Production Credits

  • Screenwriter: Mitani Koki
  • Chief Producer: Kosugi Yoshinobu (小杉善信)
  • Producer: Umehara Motoi (梅原幹)
  • Director: Hosono Hidenobu (細野英延), Gokita Ryoichi (五木田亮一), Ohira Futoshi
  • Music: Honda Toshiyuki (本多俊之)

External Links

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